He is always kind and kind to the owner and his family. It is a harness connected with the owner’s passion. It has a balanced character.

It does not show unnecessary barking and aggressiveness. Presa Canario is not a dog guarding attack. He does not trust anything he does not know, and the moment he feels threatened, he will wait for the constant defense. The stranger in his garden does not show anything to anyone.

However, it can be passed on to other animals if it is exercised through its offspring. One of the most prominent features of the race is that the body-length is longer than the shoulder-cidago height. Shoulder height is 60-66 (+2) cm in males and 56-63 (+2) cm in females. Must have body weight to be found 55-65 kg in males and 45-55 kg in females. It is bony and hard looking. Presa Canario colors; fawn, brindle tones.

Must have a strong and proportional physics structure.From the beginning of the race, the proper nutrition should be applied regularly and for the race.Our weight should be enlarged without getting caught and the monthly weight increase should not exceed 4-5 kg.

It is recommended to use vitamins and mineral supplements in the developmental period.It is not necessary to be earth and sunlight.It must be raised as a spore from the baby.It needs to be raised as a sportsman.It is necessary to have a safe house and a bedrock.I want to say safe and social education.I would like to say that Presa Canario is not disappointed make sure you have a FCI-KIF Secured puppy so that you can get an original prescription for everything. I wish that all Presa Canario lovers can nourish the Presa Canario in their hearts.

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