The history of El Presa Legend dates back to 10 years . Our dog breeder which we began as a passion, has been professionally introduced today through selective breeding in 2011 .

Our manufacturer’s step was taken with the approval of KIF and FCI in 2013. As of this date, we have continued our success as El Presa Legend.

El Presa Legend, Cihan Gürdal and Sinem Gürdal ‘ın have a professional production concept on the basis of dog love and passion. Every pup that we produce up to now continues on the principle of having good families and achieving top level success on the show.

Presa Canario’s good protection and at the same time a good family dog ​​for people to present on the right source and easier to communicate with us to make our internet site activated.

We use a stud with the title of champion of the world and in Turkey from participating in the world championship and we are the first to be led by a single manufacturer Presa. We also are happy to live with Emperor damızlığı our 2017 World Dog Show is the second title of the world’s and Turkey’s first domestic production received the honor of being the first to have produced the champion.

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